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Fine Drum Shear

Fine Drum Shear image

【Problem of Conventional Shear】
  1. Cutting burr damages sheet surface when falling into piler.
  2. Cutting noise is big.
  3. Bigger space is necessary for shear unit.
  4. High cost for shear unit.
【Feature of Fine Drum Shear】
  1. Cutting burr is very small.
  2. Cutting noise is very small.
  3. Space for shear unit is half as conventional type.
  4. Clearane adjustment can be done easily and speedily by handle.
  5. Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  6. High cut accuracy is achieved compared with conventional type.
  7. High cut number can be achieved.
※ Burr of Conventional Shear
Twin Blade Type
(Two blade for each drum)