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【Conventional Blade Clamping Method】

Conventional blade clamping is done by nut squeezing after blade and spacer are set into the cutter shaft.

This method is not only taking a lot of time to squeeze and remove the nut, but also blade setting tends to be loose due to worker's squeezing power and that problem that blade can't be set accurately happens due to unequal pressure of lead screw.

【What is Multi-Clamper ?】

Multi-Clamper is the fastening system that has fastening mechanism at the edge of cutter shaft and able to fasten blades and spacers by one switch.

  1. The quality of product is improved by eliminating the blade horizontal-wise vibration, which is done by uniform pressing of blades and spacers by hydraulic power.
  2. The productivity is improved thanks for easy blades and spacers setting and removing which saves working time.
  3. Safety is also improved due to unnecssary powerful manpower of nut squeezing.