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Silent Scrap Chopper

Silent Scrap Chopper image

【Problem of Conventional Scrap Chopper】
  1. Big noise is generated by chopping the material.
  2. Chopping makes large impact to blade.
  3. Chopping makes blade life short.
  4. Blade grinding is not easy due to the angled blade.
  5. More machine maintenance is needed due to big vibration of chopping.
  6. It takes longer time to adjust the blade clearance.
【Feature of Scrap Chopper】
  1. It doesn't chop the material but cut the material so noise is small.
  2. Blade is set to the cutter shaft with taper, which reduce cutting impact and consequently blade life becomes much longer.
  3. Blade grinding is easy due to straight blade.
  4. Blade set is done easily.
  5. Machine accuracy is kept longer with less machine vibration.
  6. Back tension is adjusted with 4 pieces of blades on each upper and lower shaft.
    (Clearance display is equipped.)